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Mission, Vision, and Values

Come get some rumba to our Casa. Celebrate sharing, life, and try your luck in our little casino. You'll instantly be transported to the golden Mediterranean shores of Spain and France along with our little family of dusty Euro weirdos.

About us

Welcome to Casa de la Rumba! You could not believe how excited we are as we write these words.

2024 will be our seventh year on the playa. What started as a couple tents and not much else back in 2016, became almost a full-fledged camp in 2018 with over 40 people. Through all this time, we have kept loyal to our roots: a group of humans from all walks of life who share an appreciation for Mediterranean cultures – Spain and Southern France in particular. We celebrate the way these cultures see life as a vehicle to share with others. We share food, we share music and dance, we share experiences.



How do we contribute?

We practice gifting as we best know.

| This year, by going full-on theme camp, we're taking it to the next level. We drawed inspiration from the quaint casinos of the Provence and apart from the Casa, we're creating a Casino de la Rumba with a twist. We're going to have a beautiful, round tent for the common area with big RUMBA letters, Andalusian tapestries and lamplights to signal the entrance. Once inside, we'll have a concierge that will give you chips to play. Combined with the little casino game, we will serve drinks at our bar. These are not regular drinks – one of our campmates is an internationally renowned barman, and he's nuts. He makes cocktails with electricity, dry ice, weird liquors and strange aphrodisiac fruits that are an experience on its own. There's no need to be part of the game, you can just hang out at the bar or take part on one of the other side activities we're planning to do. Things like body painting, lock-picking classes (one of our founders is a master thief), or just chilling and relaxing at the lounge area.

When the sun sets, we're going to host flamenco-themed dinner parties. Think about having tapas and dancing flamenco at the Feria of Seville, if Seville was a little like Black Rock City. You'll be transported to a place you might have never been, and you're going to have a ton of fun.


Fun facts about us

Who are these weirdos who started this camp, you might ask yourself?