CDLR made a really big investment in a big bad ass truck trailer in 2021 where we are now storing all the camp material that makes Casa de la Rumba possible every year.



Having a trailer is an essential piece to grow as a camp and opens the door to provide some services to our beloved Rumberos.

These services have a cost that help us pay for the truck and run CDLR every year.

Bike storage service ($50)

We know it is a pain to bring and take back your fancy, decorated bike to/from the Playa. That’s why we offer a service to store your bike year after year in our truck. If you want to keep your bike in the truck there are some things we ask from you:

Here is an example on hoy a bike will need to be stored:


Additionally, CDLR will provide with an anticorrosive liquid to spray the bike chains that will help reducing damage from the alkaline Playa dust.

To be safe, you should still plan for a chain change next year since Playa dust is very corrosive.

Box storage service ($20)

There are always things that you only use in the Playa and make much more sense to keep there. The less things you need to carry with you to/from the Playa the better.

That’s why we are offering a box storage service for you to forget about bringing in and back your belongings to the Playa. Requirements:


This kind of box is sturdy and stackable with the same kind of box so it allows things to stay in place when the trucker picks up the trailer and moves it in and out the Playa.

CDLR will provide with stickers and pens to flag your boxes with your name.